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A superb game, but short and easy

I like exploration platform games. This was not an exception.
The original artstyle and creative use of enemies made this a game to remember. Even though it was short, I can see a lot of work was put into this. And the story wasn't the most original either, but it's hard to come up with something new, especially in platform games.
The paths you could take were pretty linear, because passing them required upgrades. A little more non-linearity would've been better.
I liked the fact that the moving elevators were transparent - this removed a lot of frustration experienced by some other platform games.
As I mentioned, it was quite short. Could it have been better to make a harder version with more enemies and harder jumps and harder to spot secret aras ? Probably not. The game was fine the way it was.

Graphics 9/10
Sound 6/10
Controls 9/10
Difficulty 7/10

If there ever will be a sequel, I hope it will have more interaction with the character, a better storyline and harder enemies/obstacles.

Very nice game.

I remember playing this last year, but I couldn't figure out how to complete it. Now I figured out how to beat the Nightmare (You need to lure it into the falling rocks and then collect the black gems).
The game had a good atmosphere with both graphics and gameplay. The characters and dialogue were fun and interesting.
The only part I didn't like were the dodgy controls. Sometimes the character moved too much or slid too long.
I await a possible sequel with every part of the game upgraded even more.

Good game, nice atmosphere

A very challenging game, but you need to invest quite some time into it. I couldn't find one of the blue gems (topaz, was it?) so I had to take a look at a walkthrough. (Under a plank ! Would have never guessed it myself). I wish the game would've been bigger, e.g. expanded from the spike areas to reveal more places. I loved the glyphs and the statues theme.

About the ending. As far as I see it, the point of the game is to be an adventurer who prevents the world from ending at 21 12 2012 and prolongs the date to year 7137.

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After having a depressing morning, this cheered me up so much... hilarious.. thank you ... I don't know if I found the deep meaning though...

I'm quiet. I like Japanese culture and the anime :). I also like science. I also also like to listen to music...

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